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Animatronic Dinosaurs



The simulated animatronic dinosaur product is a model of dinosaurs made of steel frames, motors, and high-density sponges based on the structure of dinosaur fossils. These lifelike animatronic dinosaur products are often displayed in museums, theme parks, and exhibitions, attracting a large number of visitors. Realistic animatronic dinosaur products come in various shapes and types. It can move, such as turning its head, opening and closing its mouth, blinking its eyes, etc. It can also make sounds and even spray water mist or fire.

The realistic animatronic dinosaur product not only provides entertainment experiences for visitors but also can be used for education and popularization. In museums or exhibitions, simulation dinosaur products are often used to restore scenes of the ancient dinosaur world, allowing visitors to have a deeper understanding of the distant dinosaur era. In addition, simulation dinosaur products can also be used as public educational tools, allowing children to experience the mystery and charm of ancient creatures more directly.

Animatronic Dinosaurs Features

Animatronic Dinosaurs (14)

* Highly simulated skin textures

We need realistic dinosaur motion and control techniques, as well as realistic body shape and skin touch effects. We made animatronic dinosaurs with high-density soft foam and silicon rubber, giving them the real look and feel.

Better Interactive Animatronic Dinosaurs

* Better interactive entertainment and learning experience

We are committed to offering entertainment experiences and products. Visitors are eager to experience the wide range of dinosaur-themed entertainment products.

Animatronic Dinosaurs can be Disassembled

* Can be disassembled and installed for repeated use

The animatronic dinosaurs can be disassembled and installed many times, Kawah installation team will be sent for you to assist install at the site.

Animatronic Dinosaurs Temprature Resistance

* High or low temperature resistance

The animatronic dinosaur’s skin will be more durable. Anti-corrosion, good waterproof performance, high or low-temperature resistance.

Accept Customized Animatronic Dinosaurs

* Custom made service

We are willing to customize products according to customers' preferences, requirements, or drawings.

High Quality Control System Animatronic Dinosaurs

* High reliability control system

Kawah quality control system, strict control of each production process, continuously testing more than 30 hours before shipment.

Animatronic Dinosaurs Display

Animatronic dinosaurs are suitable for various occasions, such as Dinosaur parks, Zoo parks, Theme parks, Amusement parks, Restaurants, Business activities, Real estate opening ceremonies, Playground, Shopping malls, Educational equipment, Festival exhibition, Museum exhibition, City plaza, Landscape decoration, etc.

dinosaur display

Product Parameters

Size: From 1m to 30m long, other size is also available. Net Weight: Determined by the size of the dinosaur (eg: 1 set 10m long T-rex weighs close to 550kg).
Color: Any color is available. Accessories: Control cox, Speaker, Fiberglass rock, Infrared sensor, etc.
Lead Time:15-30 days or depends on quantity after payment. Power: 110/220V, 50/60hz or customized without extra charge.
Min. Order Quantity: 1 Set. After Service: 24 Months after installation.
Control Mode: Infrared sensor, Remote control, Token coin operated, Button, Touch sensing, Automatic, Customized, etc.
Usage: Dino park, Dinosaur world, Dinosaur exhibition, Amusement park, Theme park, Museum, Playground, City plaza, Shopping mall, Indoor/outdoor venues.
Main Materials: High-density foam, National standard steel frame, Silicon rubber, Motors.
Shipping: We accept land, air, sea transport, and international multimodal transport. Land+sea(cost-effective) Air(transport timeliness and stability).
Movements: 1. Eyes blinking. 2. Mouth open and close. 3. Head moving. 4. Arms moving. 5. Stomach breathing. 6. Tail swaying. 7. Tongue Move. 8. Voice. 9. Water spray.10. Smoke spray.
Notice: Slight differences between the objects and the pictures because of handmade products.

Dinosaur Manufacturing Process

1 Kawah Dinosaur Manufacturing Process Drawing Design

1. Drawing Design

* According to the species of the dinosaur, the proportion of limbs, and the number of movements, and combined with the needs of the customer, the production drawings of the dinosaur model are designed and produced.

2 Kawah Dinosaur Manufacturing Process Mechanical Framing

2. Mechanical Framing

* Make the dinosaur steel frame according to the drawings and install the motors. Over 24 hours of steel frame aging inspection, including motions debugging, welding points firmness inspection and motors circuit inspection.

3 Kawah Dinosaur Manufacturing Process Body Modeling

3. Body Modeling

* Use high-density sponges of different materials to create the outline of the dinosaur. Hard foam sponge is used for detail engraving, soft foam sponge is used for motion point, and fireproof sponge is used for indoor use.

4 Kawah Dinosaur Manufacturing Process Carving Texture

4. Carving Texture

Based on references and the characteristics of modern animals, the texture details of the skin are hand-carved, including facial expressions, muscle morphology and blood vessel tension, to truly restore the dinosaur's form.

5 Kawah Dinosaur Manufacturing Process Painting & Coloring

5. Painting & Coloring

* Use three layers of neutral silicone gel to protect the bottom layer of the skin, including core silk and sponge, to enhance the skin's flexibility and anti-aging ability. Use national standard pigments for coloring, regular colors, bright colors, and camouflage colors are available.

6 Kawah Dinosaur Manufacturing Process Factory Testing

6. Factory Testing

* The finished products undergo an aging test for more than 48 hours, and the aging speed is accelerated by 30%. Overload operation increases the failure rate, achieving the purpose of inspection and debugging, and ensuring product quality.

Animatronic Dinosaur Video

20M T-Rex Dinosaur

7M Animatronic Brachiosaurus

6M Animatronic Dragon Customized

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a simulated dinosaur model?

The simulated dinosaur is a dinosaur model made of steel frame and high-density foam based on actual dinosaur fossil bones. It has a realistic appearance and flexible movements, allowing visitors to feel the charm of the ancient overlord more intuitively.

How to order the dinosaur models?

a. If you are interested in our products, you can call us or send an email to our sales team, we will reply you as soon as possible, and send relevant information to you for selection. You are also welcome to come to our factory for on-site visits.
b. After the products and price are confirmed, we will sign a contract to protect the rights and interests of both parties. After receiving the 30% deposit of the price, we will start production. During the production process, we have a professional team to follow up to ensure that you could clearly know the situation of models. After the production is finished, you can inspect the models through photos, videos or on-site inspections. 70% balance of price need to be paid before delivery after inspection.
c. We will carefully pack each model to prevent damage during transportation. The products can be delivered to the destination by land, air, sea and international multimodal transportation according to your needs. We ensure that the entire process strictly fulfills the corresponding obligations in accordance with the contract.

Can the products be customized?

Yes. We are willing to customize products for you. You can provide relevant pictures, videos, or even just an idea, including fiberglass products, animatronic animals, animatronic marine animals, animatronic insects, etc. During the production process, we will provide you with photos and videos in every stage, so that you can clearly understand the manufacturing process and production progress.

What are the accessories for animatronic models ?

The basic accessories of the animatronic model include: control box, sensors (infrared control), speakers, power cords, paints, silicone glue, motors, etc. We will provide spare parts according to the number of the models. If you need additional control box, motors or other accessories, you can note to the sales team in advance. Before the mdoels are shipped, we will send the parts list to your email or other contact information for confirmation.

How do I pay?

In general, our payment method is a 40% deposit for the purchase of raw materials and production models. Within one week of the end of production, the customer needs to pay 60% of the balance. After all payment is settled, we will deliver the products. If you have other requirements, you can discuss with our sales.

How to install the models?

When the models are shipped to the customer's country, we will send our professional installation team to install (except special periods). We can also provide installation videos and online guidance to help customers complete the installation and put it into use faster and better.

How to deal with the problem of product failure ?

The warranty period of animatronic dinosaur is 24 months, and the warranty period of other products is 12 months.
During the warranty period, if there is a quality problem (except for man-made damage), we will have a professional after-sales team to follow up, and we can also provide 24-hour online guidance or on-site repairs (except for special periods).
If quality problems occur after the warranty period, we can provide cost repairs.

How long will it take to receive the models after placing the order?

The delivery time is determined by the production time and shipping time.
After placing the order, we will arrange production after the deposit payment is received. The production time is determined by the size and quantity of the model. Because the models are all hand-made, the production time will be relatively long. For example, it takes about 15 days to make three 5-meter-long animatronic dinosaurs and about 20 days for ten 5-meter-long dinosaurs.
The shipping time is determined according to the actual transportation method selected. The time required in different countries is different and is determined according to the actual situation.

How about the packaging and shipping of the product?

The packaging of the product is generally bubble film. The bubble film is to prevent the product from being damaged due to extrusion and impact during transportation. Other accessories are packed in cartons box. If the number of products is not enough for a whole container, LCL is usually selected, and in other cases, the whole container is selected. During transportation, we will purchase insurance according to customer requirements to ensure the safety of product transportation.



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