Jurassic Adventure Theme Park, Romania

25 meters Lusotitan dinosaur appeared in Jurassic Adventure Theme (1)
Quetzalcoatlus Kawah sales  dinosaur to Jurassic Adventure Theme (2)

This is a dinosaur park-Jurassic Adventure Theme Park in Romania. As a manufacturer, our factory has participated in communication and negotiation with the design company hired by the customer to jointly complete this dinosaur park project. There is about a 1.5 Ha area, the concept is the visitors go back to the past, and go to each continent where the dinosaurs lived. We have 6 continents (Europe, Antarctica, America, Africa, Australia, and Asia). Each continent has its own dinosaurs and its own land characteristics. The area is about 600 sqm-share with a lobby and souvenirs. After we see the museum, we start the journey.

Rain proof skin Diamantinasaurus dinosaur model Jurassic Adventure Theme (3)
Possibly the largest carnivorous dinosaur Spinosaurus Jurassic Adventure Theme (4)

The most eye-catching feature of the European Pavilion is a 25-meter Lusotitan dinosaur. Antarctica's Lystrosaurus and Cryolophosaurus are very lifelike. Quetzalcoatlus and Apatosaurus in the Americas Pavilion are the most attractive. Apatosaurus is 23 meters long and 7 meters high. The African pavilion's Spinosaurus-Possibly the largest carnivorous dinosaur. Sarcosuchus and Jonkeria are eye-opening and very interesting. Asia Pavilion's Chungkingosaurus may have had six or more spikes at the end of its tail. European Pavilion Diamantinasaurus is 15 meters long. This is a very characteristic and powerful dinosaur. If you see it with your own eyes, you will definitely feel its shock.

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There are dinosaur skeletons displayed in the exhibition hall of Jurassic Adventure Theme Park, including the Stegosaurus skeleton, Antarctic Ankylosaurus skeleton, Tyrannosaurus skeleton, Laapparentosaurus skeleton, Minmi dinosaur skeleton, and Angustinaripterus skeleton, etc.   Different venues will also have some small dinosaurs, dinosaur eggs, and dinosaur nests for viewing.

Popular imagery Velociraptor Zigong kawah Jurassic Adventure Theme (7)
Baby photos with dinosaur eggs in Jurassic Adventure Theme (8)

In addition to various venues, there are also many entertainment venues for children to play and interact with adults. There are also places to eat, drink and rest in the park. You can explore and experience the surprises that the park brings.

Jurassic Adventure Theme Park opened in August 2021. It is very popular with local people and is very lively. Next, we need to add some dinosaur-related toys and souvenirs to the exhibition hall, as well as interactive dinosaur products. Our cooperation is still going on, and we will do our best to cooperate. For more expectations and surprises, please follow us!

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